Since 1986, DDL Systems has been committed to developing software solutions that increase the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of the data center. We are a leading global provider of IBM i systems management products that help our customers achieve these goals.

Our first enterprise monitoring agent, ACO INTERFACE/400™, marked the beginning of a fundamental change in the workings of commercial data centers utilizing IBM Power Systems running IBM i (formerly AS/400) and other heterogeneous computer systems. Initially, we focused on automating large data centers, but soon realized that our solutions could assist organizations of any size – especially where time, budgets, and resources are under constraint.

In today’s competitive global economy, businesses need to get the most out of their systems and personnel. DDL Systems products leverage advanced technology and your existing expertise to quickly identify, manage, and resolve problems before they become critical – resulting in reduced costs, reduced downtime, and a generally less stressed workforce.

The professionals at DDL Systems are experienced team players and are responsible for contributing to the success of our products and customers – they’re never satisfied with the status quo. In fact, most development is performed directly in conjunction with the customer – ensuring they receive the most powerful, integrated, and efficient solutions possible.

DDL Systems is focused on continuous improvement, standards, and building strategic alliances with industry leaders in the fields of systems management, automated operations, and mobile computing. We will continue to take advantage of new technologies offered by these providers and to develop robust (but cost effective) solutions that create a competitive advantage for our customers.

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